our bodywork equipment


Infrared Sweat Session

Infrared panels and chromotherapy lighting offer an effortless, productive sweat delivered by Sunlighten Infrared Solo Pods.

Normatec Compression 

Dynamic air compression massage experience for your legs, hips and arms. No matter what you love to do, do it more with Normatec 2.0 Full Body System. Warm up quickly, recover faster, and feel fully revived with Normatec's restorative massage.

HyperIce X
Knee Therapy

Show your knee some love with cold/hot contrast therapy delivered by the Hyperice X. Hyperice X gives you contrast therapy treatment on demand, holding at a consistent temperature for as long as you need it, or automatically switching between hot and cold on a set program to help you recover faster.

HyperIce Venom Back Session

Venom Back amplifies the soothing power of heat with compression and vibration to melt away stress and tension on your core. Digital touch screen controls, adjustable temperature levels, and three distinct vibration patterns allow you to have full control, so you can get the perfect treatment every time.