our intelligently intense
fitness classes


An athletic, upbeat vinyasa-inspired HIIT class that will invite you to lose your breath, then learn how to come back to it. Find your edge, leave feeling peaceful, powerful and accomplished.


A zero-impact mobility and durability mat class designed to increase strength and avoid injuries. Find out why we call it the "mother of all core classes."


A full-body strength and cardio conditioning class designed by our in-house Olympic strength coach for the everyday athlete. Your body and heart are all that you need for this fun, community-driven workout.


A trigger point and myofascial release mat class using bodywork implements to help you work through tight muscles and fascia for better range of motion, less pain and a more capable body.


A challenging and energetic power vinyasa practice designed to build strength, balance and flexibility in your body and mind.


Clear your mind, move your breath and soothe your soul during this healing crystal sound bath meditation with reiki and aromatherapy. Receive healing, loving energy, and ease into the rest of your week with serenity.